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3 Core Fields 

We Coach people, Build Sales teams and Consult with marketing strategy.

It's our unique blend of 3 core fields into 1 Potent consultancy that makes us special.  Below is some of what we offer in each area of specialisation.


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"To deliver the right message, in the right channel, with the right vehicle, to the right target market is both an art and a science."


3 Peaks is a specialist consultancy. We provide Strategic Marketing and Brand activation services to our clients. Our mix includes:

  • Marketing Strategy insight consulting,

  • Corporate Identity Management,

  • Social Media management and planning,

  • Web site Development services,

  • Search engine Optimization (SEO),

  • Google Analytics services,

  • Packaging research and design services

  • In-store Brand activation campaigns


Having the right people, in the right role, with the right skills - is critical to any organization’s health. Yet these people need to be happy and fulfilled.

​We use coachingteam workshops , training and facilitation to build stronger People, Organizations and systems.


Our approach is based on a Strengths Advantage platform and hard won collective experience.


Using our Head Heart Hands model  we will create a development plan with tools to assist and coach your staff. in understanding...

  • who they are,

  • where they fit best, and

  • how to find fulfillment in the organization.

It will enable...

  • clear roles and responsibility planning,

  • better skills training programs

  • more effective and happier staff compliment.

  • quicker change management

  • better conflict resolution protocols

  • clear roles and responsibility guidelines


To find traction as a sales team that builds into momentum and sustainable growth takes 3 things. Skill, good systems with clear processes and well engaged staff.

We have more than 15 years’ experience in B2B, Retail and Wholesale sales. From it we offer Sales Consulting, Sales training, and Sales Coaching programs designed to assist your organization in finding its growth sweet spot.


Our approach includes looking at

  • Sales force skills training,

  • CRM & ERP processes,

  • Targeting and Pricing strategies,

  • Brand activation & Product Merchandising,

  • Sales team support tools and structures.

We will enable your sales force and then empower them. So that they find the best blend and platform for sales. The result is traction, momentum, and sustainable organizational growth.

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