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3 Peaks Consulting is a unique Strategic Consulting firm, blending expertise in people management, training, and coaching. With 15 years of sales, 10 years of marketing strategy experience, and a battery of people development skills we help individuals and businesses find traction, momentum, and growth.


Affiliated to ICF, COMENSA, and EDTA SETA, we are trained in various tools like DRIVE, Gallup Strengths, DISC, TQ, Group Facilitation and WIN3.


As a firm we are affiliated with Sterkla, Strength Synergies, With Impact, and GO Peak coaching.


Let us put our hands-on experience to work for you in developing your people and their next steps.

Roles we can play for you ...

COACH – a step by step process of equipping and empowering of the individual to achieve and find personal fulfillment or development through practical self awareness learnings with support  ​


CONSULTANT– a keen questioning and data analysis as a lens and feedback model that is external and strategic in nature designed to assist in building good systems, practices, and people   ​

TRAINING PARTNER – dynamic teaching and skills transfer to enable, prepare or provide tools to the learner for a specific role or job at hand  ​

GROUP FACILITATION – the act of engaging a team or group of participants in creating, discovering, or developing with learning insights from within.

Tools we use ...

We love using Gallup Strengths, DRIVE, Appreciative enquiry, NLP and some experiential skills training tools and exercises in our processes. What does that look like?

DRIVE is a Career coaching assessment that helps people identify their Dominant Roles IVarious Environments. By identifying these roles they naturally adopt we can identify skills and resources to assist and facilitate exponstial personal growth and team system success.

Gallup Strengths, is a tool that helps people identify their unique talents and strengths, and then develop strategies for leveraging those strengths to achieve natural success.

Appreciative Inquiry is a process that focuses on identifying and building on the strengths of an individual or organization, rather than simply addressing problems and weaknesses.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a set of techniques that can help individuals improve their communication skills, overcome limiting beliefs, and achieve their goals.

Experiential skills training is a style of dynamic education that aims at ownership of learned concept through hands-on self learning opportunities that help people develop new skills and apply them in real-world situations past the academia of the concept.

By incorporating these methodologies and tools into your processes, you can help individuals and teams build confidence, improve communication, and develop the skills and mindset necessary to achieve their goals.


We are a passionate bunch, slightly unusual in flavor and driven to find the 'gold' within each person and business we interact with.

P Bremner - 3 peaks founder


Founder and Principal

"Lets call out the Gold in People"

By nature, Peter is inquisitive. He is a leader who loves to ask questions that reveal, lead and empower others.

A strong believer in the empowerment of staff as the driving force behind an organization’s health. Peter is always looking to equip people to achieve 'more than before'.

​His knowledge of more than 40 coaching tools, including Gallup ®  Strengths, Drive and DISC ® profiles blended with his Group Facilitation and Team Coaching qualifications, equips him to coach individuals and train teams in multiple domains. 

As a sales professional, he has spent a lot of time in the field in both regional and national roles.  He understands the sales system and cycle and has experience in sales, key account management, pricing tactics, merchandising, CRM strategy, and client support services.

He gets excited when selling products that solve problems and serve the end-user with true value and loves the Skynamo Field app CRM system.

As a marketing specialist, he thrives on finding the best vehicle for your story and message and is passionate about B2B marketing in the FMCG  and hardware sector. He believes in building brands that reflect the corporate identity and empower society.

Peter has worked Globally as a coach, nationally as New Business and Key accounts manager and IN both agency and corporate roles as a marketeer.

renier Jacobs



Renier is a Digital Media Momentum driver phenomenon. He will create your social media content and manage your entire digital presence. He will get you your audience, grow it and maintain it.

​He boasts training in counselling, service management and project management fields. Qualified with an Advanced Diploma in Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services.

​His social media, content creation and design skills are phenomenal. This is why he is a unique asset to any businesses toolkit.

Johan Kruger Itfirm



Johan is a IT Wizz who specializes in all forms of outsourced managed IT solutions.


He handles for our clients all web hosting, domain registration, email setup and dedicated cloud hosting IT service needs .

He brings to the team more than 20 Years experience, both locally and globally, in the ICT Field. He has implemented & maintained IT solutions for major key players. He has worked in Africa, Madagascar, the United Kingdom and Europe.

His expertise with Servers, Desktops and Cloud Solutions is a critical value add to the team.

Through his 'other' company - The IT Firm, we as 3 Peaks Consulting are able to offer added value services, such as... Web Hosting, Domain Registrations, Dedicated Cloud Hosting, Office365 Hosted Email Solutions, Hosted Switchboard Systems, Cloud Backups, Cybersecurity Services, Security Awareness Training and more.

Daniel Kemp



Daniel has over 15 years of experience. He has been able to achieve measured and exponential growth for clients. A 600% increase in sales for a major kids online toy store. A 400% increase in phone calls for a South Africa Chiropractor business.

His specialty is the Google My business platform. Yet he has a vast array of expertise in other digital marketing areas. Data & analytics, lead generation, social media content management systems, search engine optimization (SEO) and email marketing campaign tactics.


He loves exploring different towns and restaurants in South Africa. When not developing digital marketing strategies.

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