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We offer a range of services that make us one unique and potent partner to have.

 3 fields:- People Coaching, Sales Training & Marketing consulting.


For People, if you have a career shift in mind, need some purpose and guidance, or are struggling with change - call us? We love using the Clifton Strengths® tool and the 'Coach approach as a foundation to help individuals unlock the clues to passion, drive their own engagement, and develop a targeted path that can align with purpose, motivation drivers, values, and goals.


For Business the strategy, structure, and systems support we bring into these areas of your business will enable traction, momentum, and outstanding growth.

For Staff, we love helping people find the spark in their life. It's the goal for us to "call out the gold in others". We do this with the help of our ADVANTAGE programs.

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Strategy Consult

We offer strategic thinking and insights for all departments in the business. Though we have specific experience and specialized expertise in sales, marketing and people needs strategic planning.

Get in touch for your 1hr free consult. We would love to discuss your need, let you 'test drive' our acumen and then decide that we may be the best help you need.


Career Coaching 

In today's world, many people are forced to consider a career change. On average we will shift jobs and careers once every 7 years.


If you are considering a job change or looking to improve your level of fulfillment and potential in your work  - contact us for a free 30 min chat about how we can help.


Letting us guide you on a process that gives you better self-awareness, clarifies dreams & desires while using science to highlight the ideal job for you will set you up for success. 


It is a no obligation 30 min call to take the wondering out of the process. 


Advantage 12 week Life coaching program

The world is moving fast, and often we need help with our thinking, emotions, or behavior to adapt. We run a 12-week ADVANTAGE coaching program to assist you with that need. 

some aspects it covers


Gallup ® Strengths Assessment + Feedback

If fortune 500 companies rely on this tool - so can you. We use it to assess individuals and assist with personal, career, and organizational development.


Research has shown it can result in ...

  • 10% – 19% Greater sales

  • 14% – 29% Increased profits

  • 9% – 15% Higher team employee engagement

  • 8% - 18% Increased Employee Performance in team

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People Development,
Alignment & Empowerment

Having the right people in the right roles is a challenge. Getting people who 'fit' without good insight into who they are and how they think and relate is taxing. It makes the allocation of roles and responsibilities a minefield.

We use People development tools with Staff wellness and Organizational health practices to assess, and then to coach your people into open spaces. We use tools like the DISC ®, Gallup Cliffton Strengths ®, and Enneagram. This benefits the personal development, team dynamic, and interpersonal relationships of the organization. The end result is people and a team that find a healthy space and begin to shine.

Our aim is to call out the gold in each person. We do this by getting 'the right people in the right seats on the bus'. So that everyone is thriving, happy and fulfilled.

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Sales team Skills, Facilitation,
Training & Mentoring

Sales team upskilling, coaching and training options abound. Yet, few get based on two decades of sales experience. Get in touch if you need results from your team and the 'traditional' approaches are not working. Our courses and hands on approach is renown and will invigorate your team.

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Marketing, Brand or 
Advertising Coach

As a strategic partner, we have access to a network of freelancer. They are at our disposal for every form of marketing and advertising you may desire. We will manage and direct your marketing process towards a stellar outcome. We will be able to do this at a fraction of the cost of having such skills in-house.

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Digital Media Managment

Our Digital Media Management program drives momentum for your brand. We manage your Google location, social media accounts and online web presence. Our commitment is results. Audience growth and engagement, with regular analytics report back.


​Starting at R 1500 a platform it is worth your while to give us a call.

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